Michael Gorse
5200 N Lamar BLVD
Apt. E104
Austin, TX 78751
Obtain a position in the field of information technology that will allow me to utilize my skills in open source software development and/or accessibility.
Novell, inc.
Software engineer, Mar. '08 - present
Past and present tasks include:
  • Wrote some of the code bridging UI Automation to ATK. Debug issues with Orca as needed. Worked with Mono-Winforms team when patches were needed there.
  • Created at-spi-sharp, a .net binding for the AT-SPI D-Bus protocol.
  • Created AtspiUiaSource, a bridge from AT-SPI to UIA, allowing an automated testing framework to inspect GTK-based applications (and other applications exposing information over AT-SPI) using the UIA client API.
  • Co-maintainer / now principal maintainer of AT-SPI2, a DBus-based implementation of AT-SPI created to avoid dependency on deprecated ORBit/Bonobo libraries.
  • Participate in the Linux Foundation's accessibility working group.
Duxbury Systems, inc., Westford, MA
Programmer, June '01 - Feb. '08
Tasks included:
  • enhancing and debugging company products in response to customer requests
  • maintaining the scripts that perform automated nightly builds and regression tests of our software
  • Designed and implemented an undo/redo feature for our product's editor.
  • Developing importers from OpenXML and OpenDocument for our product using XSLT.
  • assisting in the development of firmware for SAL (an ARM-based embedded device running Linux).
  • Developed a test program to ensure that changes to the SAL boot loader would not prevent it from being able to properly relocate itself in memory, providing a crucial safeguard preventing a firmware defect that could necessitate a factory reprogramming of the units
  • Adapted an internal web site to parameterize the name of the database and tables that it references, eliminating the need for two separate code trees
  • Enhanced code that imports WordPerfect and Microsoft Word documents
  • Assisted in developing code to emulate the XVT windowing system under wxWindows.
  • Relocated and configured a CVS service under Windows
  • Administer common Windows and Linux machines used for development as needed.
Inclusive Technologies, Matawan, NJ
Contract developer, March '05 - August '05
Developing a system that will allow customers to access information by voice over a telephone using VoiceXML with a php/mysql back end.
Vistasource, inc., Westboro, MA
Contract developer, summer '00
Converted shelf to use Autoconf and Gnu Make.
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Programmer, spring '00
Perform programming tasks as needed to assist in maintaining the department's network of computers.
Courses taken:
Operating systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Network Security, others
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA: Class of 2001
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Dedham High School, Dedham, MA: Class of 1997